Princess Monthly Onesie Set

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This piece is for the baby girls first year of growing. I have a Princess has Arrived onesie for the new one to wear coming home. Then for every month is a different Princess and months 1-11. The 12 month onesie will have The Princess has turned ONE! I use Gerber and Granimal's products with this set, white short sleeve.

For the sizing I am using either a newborn or 0-3 month onesie for the coming home, your choice.  Then for months 1 and 2 I'm using 0-3 months, for month 3 I'm using  3 months, for months 4 and 5 I'm using 3-6 months, for month 6 I'm using 6 months, for months 7 and 8 I'm using 6-9 months, for month 9 I'm using 9 months, for months 10 and 11 I'm using 9-12 months. And for the 12 month shirt I'm using either a 12 month or 12-18 month onesie, again your choice.